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Make an Everyday Object into Art





This weeks challenge has to do with next week's material. Simply take an everyday object and make it art. Use the rules of composition, color, and form to create an artistic image of an everyday object. Take as many photos as you like, try changing the lighting, position, and point of view to make the shot interesting. Look at the example on the right. It is just a palm frond. No editing has been done other than cropping the image.

Bring your favorite image in on your USB drive and be ready to explain why you like it.

Don't forget, you still have the first week challenge of taking a picture every day. So, you should be bringing in two photos for us to look at. Good luck and have and have fun.


P. S.-The light is coming from behind the palm and a shining through the palm's frond giving it an internal glow and really bringing out the colors.










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