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3 Tips for shooting around noon

We’re right in the middle of Summer - the time of the year when daylight lasts longer, the sun shines brighter, and when week-ends give endless shooting opportunities. Of course, shooting early mornings and end of day is ideal. But what if around noon is all you’ve got? These 3 tips will help you take advantage of what noon has to offer:


1. Find your window
To be exact, find a window that doesn’t have direct sunlight going through it, or a window with sheer curtains* to diffuse the hard side lighting
Window lighting gives amazing detail to the face, while the shady part of the room reduces the harsh contrast you would otherwise get.
*Colored curtains will cause your subject to take on the same color cast.




2. Just snap it!
The sun provides an unparalleled amount of light, which can be used for dramatic effect. Position your subjects to create dramatic effects.







3. Macro to go...
Part of the difficulty taking macro shots is often the lack of good lighting. Well, since noon offers plenty of light, take the opportunity to see what’s going on in the tiny usually unseen world!



Window light can create a hard side light but it is perferable to hard above lighting. Soften this light with sheer curtains and a fill flash.

Shoot at the sun
Hard light can be intersting to work with for special effects
Find a window
Macro world can be well lit with strong noon day lighting

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